The word yantra comes from Sanskrit and it containing power to give protection from illness and bad luck. There are various yantras done for various purposes. Yantras are energy centers artificially made and designed to attract a particular frequency of energy required for a given situation. All the Vedic yantras have a uniform pattern containing a central point like circle, triangle, and Om or Hream. It gives protection on the nature. The yantra is made powerful by an adopt well versed in tantra a discipline as great a Yoga who impact Pranic Energy to the amulet after worshipping it with the prescribed mantras. Yantras and charms are good for removing the ill fates in life. There are more than 250 of yantras, their base being 250 mantras which are used for different purposes, whose aim is to enhance human welfare. These should be worn only at the recommendation of a confide astrologer, a man well versed in Horror and the 5 Siddhantas.

  • Sree ChakraOpen or Close

    Sree Chakra is considered as Heart of Devi. Devotees believed that where there is a Sree Chakra there exist the presences of Devi. It is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Charkas, which not only gives the maximum benefit, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires& fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power& mental strength 'Sree Charka'- Sree meaning wealth and Charka' Meaning 'Instrument' - The Instrument for Wealth the Sree Charka brings about material and spiritual wealth Sree Charka has that unexplained power to fulfill all our wishes and change our life for the better. Sree Chakra is definitely the answer to all the problems and negativity in our life. Any person using Sree Chakra achieves much greater influence peace and harmony. Sree Chakra helps in breaking all the Obstacles in our life. It helps us push indefinitely and easily the limits of growth ? both spiritually and materialistically. There are negative energies around us in greater or smaller magnitude. These negative energy stands in our way of achieving greater success, Harmony and Peace. Many times we find that life is out of our control. We find ourselves in a position of Extreme stress, lack of peace and harmony, high degree of anxiety, friction in relationship with others, Bad investments, faltering business, stagnation in life and profession, decreasing financial prospects, insecure feeling, repeated failures and sheer bad lick- Though we involve our best efforts, hard work, intelligence and good intentions. It's very effective in your institutions also. In order to get all kinds of prosperity the Sree Chakra helps us to attain it. We get all achievements by keeping it in home and office.

    Sree Chakra is the symbolic form of all Gods and Goddesses. Sree Chakra was possessed by Brahma, the creator of the Universe and praised by Vishnu the lord of the Earth. Sree Chakra is connected deeply with the Ancient. Art of Vaastu and has been specifically mentioned in the ?Vaastu Shastra?. All constructions based on Vaastu must essentially have Sree Chakra in it. The Vedas explain Sree Chakra as a scientific, cosmic and planetary energy zone. This yantra is used for all round prosperity and worship of the Divine Mother Goddess. When once worn, the positive vibrations of this yantra make man one with truth and he produces more than he consumes, incorporating Industry & Frugality. Sree Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit s, but also proves beneficial for all most every body. Sree means wealth and yantra means instrument. Sree yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. Any person can in fact gain wealth, power, or prosperity by supply placing sree yantra at home and worshipping it. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Mahasudarsana YantraOpen or Close

    Mahasudarsanam is the famous weapon of Mahavishnu.The mighty power of this weapon is proved many times by Mahavishnu, using this weapon to kill his enemies. This yantra prepared through powerful mantras, homas and poojas rites will be protected the person from all evils, enemies, diseases and other problems The Sudarsana yantra is also important as Sudarsana Mantra. Usually Lord Sudarsana is seen installed with eight or sixteen hands in Vishnu temples. Sudarsana homa could alleviate the suffering of this nature. It is first recently for avoid and eliminate the evil sprit in the house. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

    Specifically suitable for: Success in Business or Career , Protection from Evils and Enemies , Kalasarpa Nivarana / Graha Shanthi .

  • Dhanakarshana Yantra (Kubera)Open or Close

    Lakshmi represents the source of all wealth, Fortune and prosperity in the universe. Lakshmi God is worshipped in the female form of representing Sakthi or energy for the whole universe For anything to be successful in family life, business, agriculture or any other carrier, it is important that the main devatha is propitiated. This yantra is made of gold, silver or panchaloha. It can also be worn as and Elu? on wrist, around neck or waist. The power of yantra will be attained only if the person wearing it says the moolamantra prescribed along with it. Kubera is the Lord of Riches in Indian mythology. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Dhanwanthri YantraOpen or Close

    Dhanwanthari Narayana is worshiped as the incarnation of Vishnu, also known as Ayurveda moorthy. On the right hand the lord holds Amrith and with the left hand the lord holds Atta, Shanku and chakra. This yantra representing the lord Dhanwanthiri an incarnation of lord Mahavishnu, is the effective in health problems. Sri Dhanvanthri Moorthy is the physician of gods, who appeared at the churning of the ocean, is worshipped on this day, special by the physician community. He is the father of Indian science Medicine and Ayurveda is attributed to him. This yantra is to be done when a person is suffering from all ill health and there is no option of getting well. This yantra is very powerful and effects on health and curing serious diseases. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Mrithunjaya YantraOpen or Close

    Maha mrithyunjaya yantra is dedicated to Lord Siva On worshipping Siva one can escape from miseries and troubles this materialistic world as well as the problems related to inner soul. Lord Siva Shiva is the winner of death. This yantra has performed to achieve death. Everybody has a great fear is that of death. It is performed to cure chronic illness. The yantra also help to overcome the evil effects of enemies (sathru dosha Nivarana). It will be also helps us to mitigate the dangerous life due to accidents and serious ills. It is done for a long and healthy life, are to be get rid of prolonged sickness. This yantra performed Lord Siva to protect the person suffering from the ailments. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Swayamvara YantraOpen or Close

    Amulet for consummating Marriage, this Yantra removes the negative blocks of planets, notably Saturn, Mars and other malefic and paves the way for wedlock bliss. This Yantra removes the negative blocks .We are seeing in our midst many women?s not getting married because of chova dhosham or other defects in their horoscope. Wearing this magical amulet will bring round prosperity besides getting married soon. This yantra prepared through secret mantras and special poojas rites, will give beneficial after wonderful result irrespective of caste or creed. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Vastu Purusha Yantra Open or Close

    This yantra is to be installed in the house as per rules of the sastra, ensure the permanent prosperity in the house, prevent unnatural details, evil sprits, accidents etc. It is desired that every house this yantra installed for the protection of the house and prosperity of the family residing in it. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Santhana Gopala YantraOpen or Close

    Specifically suitable for: Childbirth.

    This is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu.The great Santhana Gopala yantra is very powerful for getting a healthy child. This is Vaishnava mantra will please the great planet Jupiter too. This yantra will get to overcome the problem solving for pregnancy and childbirth. By wearing this yantra the person can ward off defects in his horoscope. Suryadosha, physical defects loss of offspring etc and he will get children and happy life. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra .

  • Vidya Vijaya Prada YantraOpen or Close

    Specifically suitable for: Education

    Saraswathi is the first of the three great goddess of Hinduism. The other two being Lakshmi & Durga' Sarswathi is consort of Lord Brahma, the creator. The navarathri dedicated to Devi the divine mother to celebrated to all over India This yantra is prepared scientifically as prescribed by the sastras will enable school children to achieve good memory and over come any obstructions in their studies and achieve success in their examination. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Balaraksha YantraOpen or Close

    Specifically suitable for: Children Health Purposes

    It is used to wear children to protect them to evil deities, diseases, power of strength, intelligence .It will also protect child from the above problem from its birth till it is seven years old and that child will have long and healthy life. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Kalasarpa YantraOpen or Close

    If in horoscope all the planets are placed between Rahu and Kethu, it is considered to be kalasarpa yoga. Kalasarpa yoga in the horoscope faces different kinds of problems and lack of stability in the life and mental disturbances etc. This condition is generally considered to be Kalasarpa yoga, and it can be relived through a kalasarpa yantra. Worship of the consecrated Kalasarp yantra reduces the ill effects of the Kalasrapa yoga. People with Kalasarpa yoga have their life full of struggle. It causes setbacks in life and creates obstacles in accomplishment of every job you inspire. People having Kalasarpa yoga shall perform pooja on Naga-Panchami as well as established energized Kalasarpa yanthra in their house to protect them from the evil effect of this yoga. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Saneeswara YantraOpen or Close

    Sani is the sun of Surya. It can make a person king or beggar, according to the native?s karmas. This deity is most sought out among all the planets This Amulet offsets Elarata Saturn and all saturnine afflictions. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra.

  • Navagraha Yantra Open or Close

    Specifically suitable for: Navagraha Dosha , Rahu / Kethu Dosha

    This yantra is combined yantra for all the nine planets and is divided into nine squires, each one representing one planet. The nine graha or planets in our horoscope control our karma, our desires and their outcomes. Each of the nine planets influence in our lives, which is called ?dasa? and its can be known from one?s horoscope. Navagraha yantra is more powerful than any other yantra because you are performing for nine planets. It is a remedy for all doshas. Wearing this yantra also reduce the negative effects and increases their positive energies related to a person. It removes all the obstacles of life and to attain ayur arogya and happiness. It is also recommended for removing for navagraha dhoshas. We provide this yantra the complete mantras and methodology of worshipping the yantra .

  • Karthiaveerarjuna YantraOpen or Close

    This Yantra is generally used for Real Estate success.

    Garuda Yantra

    This yantra is used for remove sarpadhoshas and rahudhoshas.

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