The literal meaning of Pooja is adoration. It is an all-purpose term used to denote the many stages of ritual action that compose worship in Hindu culture. An essential aspect of Pooja is communion with the Divine. The worshiper believes that through this contact she or he has established direct contact with the deity. This contact is facilitated through an image: a sculpture, painting, or print. Through this Pooja and the image, a Hindu worshiper invites the presence of the deity with his or her cosmic energy. And thus, in the eye of devotees, the icon then becomes the deity, whose presence is reaffirmed by the daily rituals of honoring and invocation.

The principal aim of any Pooja is the feeling of personal contact with the deity. Generally, special communication with a deity is made through the intervention of a Brahmin Hindu priest during a strictly regulated ritual in the yagasala or home. During Pooja, the Divine presence is invoked by which the devotee obtains blessings. These mantras have been perfected by our ancient sages and saints, after thousands of years of perseverance and patience and are the most powerful medium to attain almost about anything in life whether it is wealth education or wisdom. Mantra is a complete set of words of Vedas attributed to Lords or Devas. The appropriate Mantra if recited while adhering to prescribed rules and regulations, under proper conditions and guidance of us.

Astrologer not only solves problems but also help in reducing mental strain and attaining peace of mind. Each mantra has a different use and only the right mantra creates its own vibrations or cosmic energy. Mantras should be recited softly, which increases concentration. Mantras should be in systematic manners without any stress or strain on the body and mind. It is necessary to meditate and concentrate in mind.

  • Sree Chakra Pooja Open or Close

    Chakra pooja or Yantra pooja is the worship of a deity in a diagrammatic form. This type of worship exists in a lot of the other parts of the world also. Devi is considered as Parashakti or Paradevi - Para meaning beyond. Brahma created the universe. Vishnu controls and runs the universe. Shiva along with Shakti is engaged in the eternal dissolution and recreation of the universe. The Bindu in the center of the Shreechakra is the symbolic representation of the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti. Hence by worshipping the Devi in Shreechakra one is actually worshipping the highest ultimate force in the Tantric form.

    We are giving below a very simple and still very effective pooja of Shreechakra. It is known as the Shreechakra Navavarana pooja for all round spiritual and material benefits it is a highly effective pooja. Anyone can perform it.

  • Umamaheswara PoojaOpen or Close

    This pooja is being done for the unity for the husband and wife. They led a happy married life. Uma and lord Siva pooja is performed as they are considered a perfect match is Siva and Sakthi. This pooja is considered to be the best for matrimonial happiness. It is better for conducting this pooja to avoid any hindrances for their life and performing this pooja once every month will give prosperity, health and wealth etc.

  • Sathyanarayana PoojaOpen or Close

    The Sathya Narayana Pooja is performed reverence to the Narayana form of Lord Vishnu. The Lord in the form is considered an abundance of truth. This pooja is conducted to ensure abundance and peace in our life. Many people carry out this pooja immediately after or along with an auspicious occasion like marriage, or moving in to a new house or for any other success in life. A full moon day is considered to be most auspicious day for this pooja. Performing this pooja at evening is considered to be better. Performing the pooja every year will give prosperous in life.

  • Lakshmi Narayana PoojaOpen or Close

    Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. The word lakshmi is derived from Sanskrit word, which means ?Goal?. Lakshmi represents the goal of life. This includes worldly ancient spiritual prosperity. Sri Lakshmi shows prosperity. We are getting prosperity and responsibility towards worshipping it. Lakshmi stands on a Lotus and Lakshmi is the active energy of Vishnu, and also appears as Lakshmi Narayanan.. Lakshmi Narayana Pooja is performed for prosperity. Performing Lakshmi Narayana Pooja once in a year is essential for remove all the troubles from us to starting path or business.

  • Mahalakshmi Pooja Open or Close

    Lakshmi represents the source of all wealth, Fortune and prosperity in the universe. Lakshmi God is worshipped in the female form of representing Sakthi or energy for the whole universe. Mahalakshmi pooja is very good especially on Friday. It brings good things entering home. Conducting this pooja, once in a year is essential for removing your financial problems and getting wealth.

  • Ashta Lakshmi PoojaOpen or Close

    This is being done for getting the blessings of all the Eight Lakshmi Sankalpas known as Ashta Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is the consent of Lakshmi. She is the ruler of 8 kinds of wealth. It is said that the household where she is not worshipped will never proper. For getting wealth Dhanalakshmi is worshipped. Vidhya Lakshmi is worshipped for knowledge. Santhana lakshmi is worshipped for children. Vijaya Lakshmi is worshiped for victory in life. Soubhagya Lakshmi is worshipped for getting happy married life. Gajalakshmi is worshipped for all kinds of wealth. Aadilakshmi is worshipped in the victory of wars. Aiswarya Lakshmi is worshipped for all kinds of wealth. Conducting this pooja, once in a year is essential for removing your problems and getting wealth etc

  • Saraswathi Pooja Open or Close

    Saraswathi is the first of the three great goddess of Hinduism. The other two being Lakshmi & Durga Sarswathi is consort of Lord Brahma, the creator. The navarathri dedicated to Devi the divine mother to celebrate to all over India. The important of Ayudha pooja on the occasion may be due to the fact that the on vijayadasami day. pooja

    On the Durgashtami day pooja Poojavaipu is performed in the evening.

    This Pooja is meant for children education and complete success in their academic field. For gaining knowledge and mastery in studies to sharpen the intellect improve necessary. Goddess Saraswathi is the goddess of knowledge. Conducting this pooja once in year is essential for improving children?s education and carrier.

  • Bhagavathi Pooja Open or Close

    This is also known as Bhagavathi seva. It will be done after the sunset. This pooja is performed for prosperity, wealth, and led a happy life. Bhagavathi pooja is very good especially on Friday. It brings good things entering home. Conducting this pooja once in a year is essential for removing your financial problems and getting wealth.

  • Birthday PoojaOpen or Close

    Birthday is the one of the most important day in ones life. Birthday pooja is done on the date of birth and recommended for everyone for happy long life. This is done once and is for whole life. Every person shall get birthday pooja done because this not only brings prosperity but also removes all the obstacles present in ones life.

  • Navagraha PoojaOpen or Close

    Navagraha pooja is combined pooja for all the nine planets and is divided into nine parts. Navagrha pooja is an extremely useful and beneficial pooja. It is done with to ward off evil of planetary configuration .The nine graha or planets in our horoscope control our karma, our desires and their outcomes. Each of the nine planets influence in our lives, which is called "dasa" and its can be known from one?s horoscope. Navagraha pooja is more powerful than any other pooja because you are performing for nine planets. It is a remedy for all doshas. Conducting this pooja reduce the negative effects and positive energies related to a person. It removes all the obstacles of life and to attain ayur arogya and happiness. It is also recommended for removing for navagraha dhoshas... Navagraha pooja shall be performed every year to ensure that you can always get maximum advantage from your planets.

  • Hanuman Pooja Open or Close

    Hanuman is the in carnation of Lord Siva. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu took birth in the form of Ram to vanish, the greatest demon king of Ravan, and the other goddess also born in the monkey and bear races to help him. He was born on the full moon day of the month (chithra) on Tuesday. Hanuman pooja is dedicated to god Hanuman Its pooja cures all illness and give persons courage and illness and to give peace of mind.

    This is being done for removing all the dhosham and adverse effects on account of enmity and for getting complete prosperity and peace through out life.

  • Bala Ganapathy PoojaOpen or Close

    This mantra is very powerful and given to Sreekrishna by Sage Naradha. This is done for the blessings of the god wisdom. It is performed for children to improve their knowledge and wisdom. This is recommended for every child for his or her betterment in life and to remove the obstacles in his or her life. This pooja is also very important for education and carrier of life.

  • Narasimha Pooja Open or Close

    This is being for removing all sorrows arising out of enemies and other chronic adharma karmas. Performances of this poojas are stops the danger or perils, which may some times occur in future. It is first recently for avoid and eliminate the evil sprit in the house. Conducting this pooja once in a year is essential for removal of all enemies and other problems.

  • Dhanwanthari PoojaOpen or Close

    Dhanwanthari Narayana is worshiped as the incarnation of Vishnu, also known as Ayurveda moorthy. On the right hand the lord holds Amrith and with the left hand the lord holds Atta, Shanku and chakra. This pooja representing the lord Danwanthiri an incarnation of lord Mahavishnu, is the effective in health problems. Sri Dhanvanthri Moorthy is the physician of gods, who appeared at the churning of the ocean, is worshipped on this day, special by the physician community. He is the father of Indian science Medicine and Ayurveda is attributed to him. This poojaa is very powerful and effects on health and curing serious diseases. This is being done for getting recovery from chronic diseases and other body aliments. Those who are constant by suffering from any aliments shall get this pooja done for yearly recovery.

  • Nakshatra Pooja Open or Close

    Your birth Nakshathra determines your thinking pattern; nature destiny. It also determines your instincts as well as the subconscious aspects of your personality. Kerala astrology considers the nakshathra an important aspect of our lives. Nakshathra indicates our attitude, even our physical appearance and our future. According to the Vedas nakshathra pooja is very important and should be performed for the betterment of ones life.

    Pooja will be performed every month on the day of your star for just Rs. 12000/- a year.

    Pooja will be performed every month for each person on the day of your star.

  • Kalasarpa Pooja Open or Close

    If in horoscope all the planets are placed between Rahu and Kethu, it is considered to be kalasarpa yoga. Kalasarpa yoga in the horoscope faces different kinds of problems and lack of stability in the life and mental disturbances etc. This condition is generally considered to be Kalasarpa yoga, and it can be relived through a kalasarpa pooja (Ideal to do once in year around birth day) Worship of the consecrated Kalasarp pooja reduces the ill effects of the Kalasrapa yoga. People with Kalasarpa yoga have their life full of struggle. It causes setbacks in life and creates obstacles in accomplishment of every job you inspire. People having Kalasarpa yoga shall perform pooja on Naga-Panchami as well as established energized Kalasarpayanthra in their house to protect them from the evil effect of this yoga.

  • Sree Rama Pooja Open or Close

    This is being done for attaining unity and for having all the prosperity and harmony throughout life.

  • Subrahmanya PoojaOpen or Close

    This pooja is being done for those who have no children or having any physical abnormalities in conceiving and also for the success in educational and academic field.

  • Dakshinamoorthy PoojaOpen or Close

    This is being done for removing the sorrows and hurdles in every sphere of our life.

  • Surya(Sun) PoojaOpen or Close

    These who aspire for sound health prosperity, good eyesight, strength, and courage and success etc. should be worship the sun. This planet power and strength of glory is very high.

  • Chandra(Moon) Pooja Open or Close

    For concentration, mental peace, pleasure, control of emotion and to get rid of mental depression one should worship this god.

  • Guru(Juptier) Pooja Open or Close

    Guru Deva is reputed the father of any living things. Worship of this planet results in cure from physically illness, good education, better health, wealth, and getting for longevity of life.

  • Budha(Mercurry) PoojaOpen or Close

    Those who are weak at studies, lack of concentration, and suffer from blood pressure and sugar problem etc should worship Budha.

  • Sukra(Venus) Pooja Open or Close

    Sukra is the most benevolent of all the planets. To have a happy married life, one should worship this planet.

  • Chowa(Mars) Pooja Open or Close

    If giving bad result needs to be propitiated well. It is one of these planet that give very visible positive or negative result.

  • Sani(Saturn) PoojaOpen or Close

    Sani is the sun of Surya. It can make a person king or beggar, according to the native?s karmas. This deity is most sought out among all the planets. A prayer to this deity evil might the hardships over will have to face during bad times.

  • Rahu Pooja Open or Close

    Rahu preethi homa is to appease the planet Rahu. Rahu pooja is very beneficial pooja, since its worship benefic Rahu and increase positive influence while pacifying malefic effects as per horoscope. Any auspicious work is not to start during this time. It will not give good result. The celestial body of darkness shower all kinds worries on us. A lemon lamp is lit and prayed for the removal there worries. The aim of the pooja is to get over the astrologically bad times, unity and prosperous in life. This pooja is being done to overcome all the adverse effect that may derive an account of the bad effect of Rahu.

  • Kethu PoojaOpen or Close

    Hanuman pooja is dedicated to God Hanuman .Its pooja, cures all illness and gives a persons courage to light illness and give peace of mind.

  • Bhoomi Pooja Open or Close

    Bhoomi pooja is a ceremony performed to inaugurate a new site for the construction of a home/building. This ceremony is conducted in strict conference to Vastu sasthras, the ancient Indian science of structures and architecture. According to Hindu beliefs, by performing this pooja the right energies and natural elements surrounding the site can be propitiated. Usually the time chosen is in accordance to the Vasthu Muhoortham, which is the time when the Vathu Purusha is believed to be in full strength.

  • Vasthu Pooja/ShanthiOpen or Close

    Vasthu in Sanskrit means nature. Vasthu place a very important role in every once life. Unless the vasthu is harmonious to the individuals he/she will not be able to prosper in life. In addition to the principles and guideline for construction of buildings, vasthu sasthra also gives Vedic remedies to remove the defects in a vasthu by performing Vasthu Pooja or Vasthu Shanthi, as every construction may not comply with the principals of the vasthu sasthra. Vasthu pooja consists of worship of the Vasthu Devatha the deities? directions East, West, North, South, North- East, South- East, North- West and South- West and 49 other deities residing in vasthu, which bring Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

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